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We provide full military equipment supply

Armatec operates in all major arms markets and services worldwide providing a reliable supply of military and defense equipment, procurement, and logistics.

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NATO registered and certified supplier:
United Nations (UN) registered and approved supplier:
Registered and licensed for transfer of military products in the EU:
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Full trade license on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:
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Reliable and fully licensed

Armatec is NATO approved and registered supplier. The company operates in full compliance with every resolution of the UN Security Council and International Arms Control Treaties. We are highly specialized in:

NATO Registered supplier: 015YU

UN Registered supplier: #690668

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Your expert military equipment supplier

The company is headquartered in the Republic of Bulgaria and its operations span all major arms markets and services around the World. Armatec can deliver a complete military supply, including defense equipment, weapons, ammunition, and special equipment.

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Armatec offers a wide range of services in the defense and military supply fields. Our highly qualified specialists can assist with individual consultations and solutions to your specific needs.

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